Gen X Talk #3: Adult Allowance and Why You Should Try It!

Hey Gen X Warriors,

I found this great article by Dana Anspach of “the balance” titled “Why You Should Try a Weekly Allowance as an Adult”. This article gives 8 Reasons to Use a Weekly Allowance. My top favorites are #3. “It makes you think twice before spending money on spur-of-the-moment purchases”. #6. “It makes budgeting easier because you don’t have to track the little purchases you pay for with your allowance off”. And #8. It encourages you to achieve your dreams by spending money on the things that are truly important to you”.  I introduced adult allowances very early in my marriage for a lot of the reasons that are state in the article. Mainly because it made it easier to manage my households’ finances along with everything I manage for my family.  This article relates to my podcast “Adult Allowance, Can It Help Your Household” So, check out the article by Dana by clicking it’s title above. It’s a great article and it give simple ways to implement the adult allowance strategy of being more in control of your finances.

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