Gen X Talk #10: Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Amazing!!!

It’s crazy, at one time I thought being an entrepreneur was no fun at all. I thought that it was work, work, and more work. Constant thinking about how to sell an item, an idea or a service. Trying to figure out how to make money with your talents, when at a job, you go to work, do your job and get paid. But what I discovered was, I wasn’t wrong, but I was thinking of it wrong. I was thinking that being an entrepreneur was too much work, instead of a blessing to me and my family.

Being an entrepreneur is amazing. Check out my current podcast episode titled, “Discover the Freedom of Being an Entrepreneur” by clicking on the title. What I love about it is, I have the freedom to choose my schedule, I can be available for my family, and I am available to volunteer which is near and dear to my heart. Now as a workaholic, that could be a little dangerous, but if you are aware that you need a work/life balance, then you will be ok. Work/Life balance is very important to me and my family. We have toddlers who need me close to home, but I also have the desire to work and earn an income. Entrepreneurship is a win-win for us.

Now, Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and that is just fine, but I’ve learned to love it. I’ve found an article that lists “60 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Amazing”! Can you believe it, 60 reasons and I only had five? Make sure you click the title of the article to see if you share any of the same reasons as Jonathan Long, VIP Contributor and Founder of Uber Brands.   

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