Gen X Talk #2: Is There a Perfect Age to Get Married?

Getting Married Later in Life!

Hey Gen X Warriors,

With the high rates of divorce, does waiting until you are older give you more of a guarantee for success? Is there a perfect age to get married to better your chances of staying together? I found this great article on titled, “4 Couples Who Were Still Single Past Their 30s and 40s Explain How They Eventually Found Love”.  


In this article, Emma Barker and Lane Moore, discuss how nerve-wrecking it is getting married later in life even though more and more people are choosing to wait to settle down.  The concerns that most come across waiting later to settle down are, will you ever find the right person? Will you be able to have children? Do we even want children? But I think you will have these same concerns no matter what age you are. 


So no matter the reason that you may have decided to get married later in life, 

I think Dan and Tina from the article said it best: “You come into it (marriage) with a more realistic attitude. As much as you might love somebody, there’s still a lot you gotta tolerate.” This article relates to my podcast “Getting Married Later in Life”. To check out the article, click the title above. 


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