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Hey Gen X Warriors,

I found this great article by Suzi Whitford via FairyGodBoss titled “Stay-At-Home Moms Deserve Work-Life Balance, Too – Here’s 5 Ways to Achieve It” which helps me to know that I’ve adopted a great work-life balance without even knowing it.

In this article Suzi suggest that stay-at-home moms make a schedule. I am all about schedules. My family knows, if it is not on the calendar / schedule, it will not be happening. Suzi suggest using your phone for something other than scrolling through Facebook. I feel like I could have written this article, because she talks about setting alarms to make sure you get things done, I promise you that I have 27 alarms scheduled in my phone daily! And no, that is not overkill it is being organized. Suzi goes on to suggest that we should outsource some of the things on our list. I agree I tell people all the time about Walmart grocery pick-up and the scan-yourself app for Sam’s Club. The Sam’s app make it possible to experience a 20-minute trip through the store.

Next, Suzi suggests we should define our physical and mental limits as well as making our happiness a priority. I’ve made Friday’s my Sabbath which means pretty much pajama day in my house and I take Saturdays off. Yes, I take a day off from being a mom and take myself out! This article relates to my podcast “Conversations with an Authentic Real Housewife of Atlanta.” So, check out the article by Suzi by clicking it’s title above. 

Remember to Be Kind, Be Useful, and Be Fearless!

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