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Our goal at Toni G Campbell, The Podcast, is to provide our audience with quality topics. The content represents the struggles and victories of Generation X. Check out the benefits you wil receive when you become a “GEN X WARRIOR


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Do you have a show idea or topic you want us to talk about. We will take your GEN X WARRIOR idea into consideration when it’s received.

Shout Outs

DO you have a special shout out you want us to mention. While we can’t shout everyone out, we will be able to add your GEN X WARRIOR submission to our shout out list. 

Chance to Co-host

Are you camera shy? Well don’t worry, we are not on camera. If you have a show idea that is sooooooo awesome, and we can’t do it alone, you can be a co-host on Toni G Campbell, The Podcast. It is super easy using SKYPE.

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We saved this one for last, but all GEN X WARRIORS will receive discounts on our merch. We thank you for your support.

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