Gen X #8

Gen X Talk #8: 10 Reasons Why a Large Age Gap Between Children Rocks!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this week’s podcast titled, “Between Sisters, The Struggles and Victories Conversation”, make sure that you check it out. My sister and I talk about surviving childhood, the disparity between birthday celebrations and the fact that we both have children 21 years apart.

I found an amazing article that gives 10 reasons why big age gaps between children rock! The article is titled: “Age Gaps Between Children: 10 Reasons Why Big Gaps Rock”. Here are just a couple of the reasons that are my favorite:

  • #2 The Younger Child Will Get Quality Time Too
  • #4: Your Older Child Will Be More Independent
  • #6: It Will Spread Out the Cost of Childcare

Click on the title above to check out the remaining reasons why a big age gap between children rocks! Now, I’m not saying a 21-year gap like me and my sister waited, but a large gap nonetheless!

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