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Gen X Talk #18: Pillow Talk, Let’s talk about it!

Hi Gen X Warriors,

I hope you enjoyed this week’s podcast, “Pillow Talk, Is It Intimate or Just a Debrief?” and if you have not heard it yet, click on the title to listen now.  I pray that you and your significant other will try our “pillow talk” conversation starter!

I know when you hear the words “pillow talk”, you think to be cozy in bed, but I personally believe that “pillow talk” can be had anywhere! Pillow talk is time to reconnect on a daily basis with your significant other at the end of these very busy days we have!

I’ve found this great article titled, “What is Ideal Pillow Talk?” reported by sleep.org, make sure you read the article by clicking on the title. One of the tips that the article suggest that we do to have ideal pillow talk is, “keep tech out!” I will say that this is so hard for me because I use technology to unwind at night!

Be Kind, Be Useful and Be Fearless!

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