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Gen X Talk #12: The Pressures of Higher Education

Why do we judge students negatively who do not desire a college education? Does a college graduate make a better employee than an experienced one? How many of you, who have graduated from college, is working in the field that your degree is in? Did you feel pressured by your family and friends to attend college? Do you really know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you are 17 years old? Some of these questions are discussed in this week’s podcast title, “The Push for Higher Education”.

This topic is near and dear to my heart because I struggled with getting my degree for 20 years and I still do not have it. I have plenty of college debt and college credits but no degree. I have over 11 years of accounting experience, but a company will look over me to hire someone right out of college just because they have a degree but no experience. I’ve found serval great articles discussing the pressures that students face today regarding attending college from their parents, peers, and society.

We have, “Why You Shouldn’t Pressure Your Kid to Go to College” by Mila Sanchez, a writer and recent college graduate with a BA in Linguistics. Mila discusses how right after high school there was no way she could attend any more schools because she hated school so much. I loved that her parents listened and supported her decision and not wasted the money.

The second article is titled, “How to Overcomer the Social and Parental Pressure to Go Back to College” written by Derek Magill. This article gives practical advice on overcoming societies unnecessary pressures.

And the third article is titled, “The Overpressured Student”, written by Richard Weissbourd. The title simply explains all this article has to offer.  To read each article and listen to this week’s podcast, click on each title.

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