Episode # 23: Living an Amazing Life

living life

We discuss living an Amazing Life with Angel Morgan, A mom, A business Owner, An Author, and An Amazing Lady!

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Show Notes

Title: Living an Amazing Life

Date Aired: 9/16/19

Host: Tyrone Campbell

Co-Host: Angel Morgan, A mom, A business owner, An author, and An amazing lady!


Are you living your best life? If you are not, what is holding you back? On today’s show, my co-host and I will dive deep into a discussion about living an amazing life and I pray that this show will inspire you to live your best life! Let’s discuss why you should!


  1. About living your best life! so Angel and I went to high school together!
  2. And if I can say anyone from high looks like they are living their best life…
  3. You have so many hats that you wear in life currently!
  4. A business owner –
  5. An author – A Maze In Love – book of poetry
  6. A mom – 2 beautiful children
  7. Your travel – carnival w/ daughter
  8. Back to school – Radiography
  9. A blogger – Amazing Lady website
  10. Amazing Things Jar – quote: Although every day may not be your happiest, fulfilling or amazing day, we have small, large and in between amazing milestones happen in our lives that deserve to not only be celebrated but also deposited into our “Amazing Things” jar.
  11. ***You can find Angel at www.amazinglady.org

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