Episode #2: Getting Married Later in Life and Raising a Second Set of Children

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Did you get married later in life? We discuss getting married after the age of 35 and what it is like to raise a second set of children.

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Show Notes

Title: Getting Married Later in Life
Date Aired: 4/8/19
Host: Toni G Campbell
Co-Host: Tyrone Campbell, My amazing husband


A married couple of 9 years give insight into the challenges and victories of getting married later in life. 


  1. If you have found yourself getting married late in life, when I say late I mean like 35 years old or older?

  2. If you have raised children to the ripe old age of 18 or older and then decide to reproduce again? I know, what were we thinking, right?

  3. If this is you in either or both of these scenarios leave a comment on my tonigcampbell.com website.

  4. We will continue the conversation about raising a second set of children after the first set was already out of the house. 

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