Episode #19: How We Do Holidays!


How are holidays done at your house? Are you one of those Pinterest people where things need to be beautiful and perfect? Or are you one of those anti-holiday people who either hide from the world or avoid the holidays because you see it as a time to waste money?

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Show Notes

Title: How We Do Holidays!

Date Aired: 8/05/19

Host: Toni Campbell

Co-Host: Tyrone Campbell, My amazing husband.


Today we discuss how we do holidays before and after marriage and children!


  1. On today’s show, my co-host and I will dive deep into a discussion about how we do holidays!
  2. My co-host for today is Tyrone Campbell, my amazing husband!.
  3. Let’s talk about how we do holidays!
  4. Do you consider us to be big holiday people?
  5. Which holiday do you consider the most stressful for us?
  6. New Years, Valentines Day, Labor day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving

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