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Gen X Talk #4: Challenges Facing Public Education Today!

Hey Gen X Warriors,

I found this great article by Amanda Litvinov, Brenda Alvarez, Cindy Long, and Tim Walker via “neaToday” titled “10 Challenges Facing Public Education Today”. This topic is near and dear to my heart because I almost became an educator. When I was at Temple University in Philadelphia, my minor was Education.

I decided to give up that dream during one of my practicums, I had a second grader hitting on me. Not physically hitting on me but asking me out. Yes, that is what I said, a second grader was asked to take me out.  I knew at the point that teaching was not the career for me lol. I do love and support those who are in the field of education as we all should. These are individuals who spend a lot of time with our children and they don’t do it for the pay.

This article relates to my podcast “Challenges of being an Educator & Entrepreneur” So, check out the article by Amanda, Brenda, Cindy, and Tim by clicking its title above. It’s a great article and it gives so much information about the challenges that educators face like Education Funding, Keeping School Safe and Chronic Absenteeism.

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