Who is Toni G?

Podcaster, Talk Show Host, Film Producer, Financial Specialist, Gen X Warrior, Mom (born 1974-)
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Toni G Campbell was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is a financial specialist and has served as an accountant for a fortune 500 company and is an advocate for teaching financial management to children, married couples and athletes.

Toni learned to be a camera operator, switcher and mastered ProPresenter while being on the production team at a mega church in Atlanta, GA. She went on to use these skills when she produced and starred in a full-length feature film with her husband Tyrone Campbell called Kung Fu, Old Skool & Tyrone.

Toni G Campbell is co-owner of Chain Free Inc, a media production corporation, as well as, co-owner of dipSQAURE T-shirts and Apparel company.

Toni is the creator of Conversations with Toni on Toni G Campbell the Podcast. Toni G Campbell the Podcast is a podcast for the GenX Warriors.

Toni is a Co-Host on The Kurve which is a late-night talk show where real women have real conversations.


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“Be Kind, Be Useful, Be Fearless”

 Toni G Campbell